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Lisa Sanfilippo

Lisa is a recovered insomniac who found yoga in her bleakest, most sleepless hours. She has researched tirelessly to find methods that you can use at any time, place and stage in your life to systematically flush out exhaustion and insomnia. She is a fully qualified transpersonal psychotherapist as well as running a yoga therapy practice. She trains yoga teachers for Triyoga UK and yoga therapists with Yogacampus UK, served as a presenter at the IAYT conference in the US and has offered sleep related workshops for BWY Congress. Alongside being a long-time yoga teacher, yoga therapist and psychotherapist, Lisa brings sociology and research perspectives to her healing work and development of the Sleep Recovery method.


Lisa has taught thousands of people in UK and Europe’s longest-established yoga studios over two decades as a resident teacher. She’s tested and refined her methods with extensive action research as a yoga therapist and psychotherapist over the past 10 years - serving pregnant women and new parents, adolescents experiencing puberty and women going thorough menopause. She works with film stars, musicians, students, activists, medics and creatives, helping them all to find their personal keys to sleeping better, and feeling better. Her next task is to bring Sleep Recovery to everyone: Good sleep shouldn’t be a luxury.


Lisa’s books, Sleep Recovery and Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery are available around the world in several languages and outline the process of supporting better sleep using simple clear language, accessible even to those who have never considered yoga before.


Her work has featured in UK newspapers: The Telegraph, The Observer, The Times, Stylist Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Psychologies, Marie Claire online, Balance Magazine and more.


H3 Sleep Better Now: A Sleep Recovery Yoga Workshop
Date: Saturday 30 Apr 2022 Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Join Lisa Sanfilippo, author and founder of Sleep Recovery, and members of the Sleep Recovery Network to learn how to:

  • stop sabotaging your sleep (including the ways even yoga can get in the way of a good night’s sleep!)
  • start feeling confident and calm about getting a good night’s rest and
  • find sustainable energy throughout the day.

You’ll explore how simple, effective yoga, pranayama, and psychotherapeutic approaches combine in five steps of Sleep Recovery.

One third talk, one third discussion, and one third practice, this session gives you a tour of the knowledge, tools and resources you need to start repairing your relationship to rest naturally.

For yoga practitioners and teachers alike.

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L3 Wake Up Now! A Sleep Recovery Approach To Sustainable Energy
Date: Sunday 01 May 2022 Time: 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Learn how to manage your energy all day so that you sleep better at night. Feel for yourself, and take what you learn into your daily life, as well as your students and clients if you teach or practice yoga therapy.  

We’ll explore simple morning wake-up practices and ways to ‘layer in rest’ throughout the day with uncomplicated restoratives and techniques to repair your nervous system’s ability to drop into deep and meaningful sleep.

This workshop pairs with the others in the Sleep Recovery Series, and focuses on what you do during the day to support excellent quality sleep at night, with some emphasis on the Ayurvedic doshic tendencies, which are referred to in Lisa’s book Sleep Recovery (2020) as Monkey, Tiger and Bear sleep types.

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N1 Sleep Recovery Masterclass: The Teachers Lab
Date: Sunday 01 May 2022 Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Join Lisa Sanfilippo and members of the Sleep Recovery Network for a masterclass in supporting others to sleep better. Explore a yoga therapy approach to overcoming insomnia (as it relates to conditions like PTSD, menopause, mobility limitations and more). Drawing upon asana, pranayama, a five kosha model, a seven chakra energy audit and key psychotherapeutic concepts.

Grounded in Lisa’s books, Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery (2019) and Sleep Recovery (2020) and article in Yoga Journal US (2021), you’ll look at the common ways yoga teachers can inadvertently undermine our students’ and clients’ sleep and what to do to help more effectively in the in-person yoga class, online, or in a one-to-one context.

This session serves a guided tour of the upcoming Sleep Recovery Training for those considering joining the growing network of Sleep Recovery practitioners.

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