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Leanne Leela-Devi Jones

I’m a mum of two little'uns: Daisee aged 6 and JJ aged 3. They’re my gurus (among others).

I work part time and teach part time amid the daily rituals of running a home. This year my practice has involved spending lots of time nurturing the earth at my allotment and teaching my gurus how to do the same! I love practicing mantra while I am there and my classes are usually enthused with eclectic and devotional music.

Jivamukti yoga is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings, including our Mother, Earth. 


C Jivamukti Yoga: 10 Magical Practices For Greater Peace And Wellbeing - RECORDED
Date: Friday 23 Apr 2021 Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

If you struggle with self-practice, here are 10 simple, yet magical and transformative practices. You could practice one or all of them as a great way to start the day. Want to know how feeding the birds can be a yogic practice?

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