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Yoga Teacher's Union: An Open Discussion

You are invited to be part of an open discussion in a friendly and welcoming forum discussing the common issues facing yoga teachers, businesses and students.

“I think an important question for all involved in the industry at the moment is: How do we place value on yoga and on the teachers who offer it? We need to ask this as teachers ourselves, studios need to consider this and so do the students who come to classes…

— Anna Taylor

The Yoga Teachers Union is about supporting, inspiring and encouraging yoga teachers to appropriately value what we are doing. The Yoga Teachers Union neither offers insurance policies nor accredits yoga training courses - its simple and straightforward purpose is to be a collective voice for yoga teachers. There are numerous challenges in the yoga teaching industry: wage inequality, pay stagnation, saturation of the market, the significant proportion of teachers earning less than the living wage, the often unbalanced power dynamics between studios and staff, and the inherent shame of speaking out about money. These issues have often remained largely unspoken publicly because of fears such as being perceived as “unyogic” or being unappreciative of this path that so many of us feel drawn to and love. The yoga teaching industry, as it stands, is unsustainable, and the consequences of that are far-reaching and multi-faceted.  

The Yoga Teachers Union now has more than 500 teachers signed up expressing interest and a willingness to be involved. With the support and collaboration of the IWGB (Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain) and other similarly positioned unions, such as GWU (Gamer Workers Unite) and the Writers’ Guild we are making significant progress in meeting the challenges that yoga teachers face and fulfilling our Vision, Mission and Values as defined by the many voices and requests that have already come forwards.

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Date: Sunday 25 Apr 2021 Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Category/s: Other, Level/s: Ideal for Teachers or Student Teachers, Place/s Available: 100