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Yoga Psychology: Exploring The Inner Landscape Of Being

A co-taught session by Dr Anuradha Choudry and Vinayachandra Banavathy.

Psychology evolved as science for the study of human behaviour and mental processes.

The different schools of psychology present us with different models of human nature that offer corresponding solutions to help an individual manage their inner and outer life-circumstances.

The yoga traditions evolved as a result of deep self-enquiry in an attempt to find answers to existential questions.

Promoted and practised widely today, primarily as techniques for physical well-being, the scope of the different streams of yoga allows us a much bigger arena for self-discovery.

It provides us with systematic methods to map our inner landscape with great precision so that we can navigate through life’s journey in the best way possible.

This session is based on an exploration of that inner landscape to cultivate therein seeds of joy and wisdom for a more enlightened living.

Please bring

notepad, pen, blanket

Session Information

Date: Friday 29 Apr 2022 Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm Room: 11 Category/s: Chanting, Philosophy, Pranayama, Place/s Available: 1