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Yoga And The Mereological Fallacy

Mereology is the study of the relationship between parts and the whole. It helps us question when it is useful to reduce things and look at the component parts and when it is useful to put things together and consider the whole. The Merelogical Fallacy is when we ascribe qualities of the whole to a part of a thing. An example of this might be that the biceps flexes the elbow; this is only very partially true. A human being flexes an elbow not a bicep; a bicep has no will or mind to bring to bear on things, there are many other things that are involved in the bending of an arm. Are breathing, asana and meditation separate things or do they have a relationship?

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Date: Saturday 24 Apr 2021 Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm Category/s: Anatomy & Physiology, Level/s: Best for Intermediate or Advanced Practitioners, Place/s Available: 12