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Refining Awareness - Releasing Hips And Establishing A Quiet Seat

Alistair Shearer (1982) in his introduction to the Sutras describes the nervous system is described as ‘the physical seat of consciousness' and the techniques of yoga as means of ‘purifying the nervous system.‘ This provides the inspiration for the session which will focus on sensation the feelings that we may notice as practice various asana and includes breath work and mudra as a means of refining awareness. Considering the possibility of maintaining a similar awareness as move from less physically demanding practices to those that may be considered more challenging. This session focusses on releasing hips and establishing a quiet seat.

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Session Information

Date: Friday 23 Apr 2021 Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm Category/s: Asana, Breath Work, Pranayama, Level/s: Suitable for All, Place/s Available: 12