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Kriya – What Am I?

What am I?

Our vehicle is biological, and its driver is the True Self.

You will be guided through a set kriya practice that can be used twice daily to help “reset” the stimulation of the outer world to a more stable centre.

Throughout each day we move from what psychology refers to as “our window of tolerance”. These shifts move us into hyper arousal or hypo arousal.  We either react, or shut down, no longer able to move in our natural joyful state that is our true nature. Instead we feel pain and react in  negative patterns of behaviour.

This session will introduce you to a “rest” button. Done twice daily, it includes a simple preparatory asana sequence to allow for comfortable upright sitting, pranayama, bandha concentration and meditation.

The session will also have time for Q&A.

This session is not suitable for those that are pregnant due to bandha work.

Please bring

mats, mediation cushion, blanket

Session Information

Date: Sunday 01 May 2022 Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Room: 12 Category/s: Asana, Meditation, Place/s Available: 5