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Kirtan: The Glorious Yoga Of Song (2 hours) - LIVE

Singing and sounding together and in call and response we will harness the readily available power of sound to reach the parts that other techniques are not always able to access so easily. The great visionaries and research scientists of the ancient yoga tradition recognised the pervasive, penetrative power of sound and how we can use our own voices to invite deepening harmony through the whole of our being and right into the heart of all our cells. The call and response singing and chanting of kirtan, is simple, yet powerful, cleansing and uplifting. James may also speak briefly about kirtan, Sanskrit as an energy-based language, the symbolism and effects of the words we use in the practice, and how kirtan relates to other practices and paths of yoga.

Session Information

Date: Friday 23 Apr 2021 Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Category/s: Kirtan, Sound, Level/s: Suitable for All, Place/s Available: 74