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How To Grow Your Business Mindfully And Authentically

“I know I’m a good yoga teacher, but I always seem to struggle to get enough clients” “I want to build a thriving business but I don’t like selling” “I love what I do, but I feel a lost and overwhelmed when it comes to Marketing” Any of this sound familiar? Then this workshop is for you. Join our heart-centred marketing expert, Nicola Huelin, as she reveals the six simple, proven steps to grow your business mindfully and authentically. Learn what it takes to turn your big calling into a great living with greater alignment, confidence and flow. 

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Session Information

Date: Saturday 24 Apr 2021 Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Category/s: Other, Level/s: Ideal for Teachers or Student Teachers, Suitable for All, Place/s Available: 20