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Can Mindfulness And Yoga Create Real Community?

The concept of community has gained traction during the current period of pandemics and is certainly a buzzword relating to collective care. Yoga and Mindfulness are part and parcel of a 4 Trillion-dollar wellness industry that is largely hyper-individualised. Together, we shall consider what the concept of community means in relation to Mindfulness and Yoga and whether the teachings encourage and foster kindness and care. Is compassion innate? Is self-care a problem? How do these relate to Mindfulness and Yoga of the heart? In fact, do these traditions as currently taught make us self-absorbed or concerned with the welfare of all beings.

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Date: Sunday 25 Apr 2021 Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Category/s: Deeper Practice, Mindfulness, Philosophy, Level/s: Suitable for All, Place/s Available: 24